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Zamora Multipurpose Business Center

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Text by & Picture Courtesy Pauline Day


Zamora Multipurpose Business Center
Zamora Multipurpose Business Center

Known mainly for their agricultural wares, the towns around Zamora, Spain, near the border with Portugal, create superb cheeses and produce, and are known for their Romanesque architecture. A small cluster of municipal buildings in the town of Morales del Vino, however, has a distinctive, modern look, with an elegant simplicity that belies its prefabricated concrete construction. Designed by De Lapuerta + Asensio, the complex is referred to as a Multipurpose Business Centre, reflecting its aim to help people with mental and/or physical disabilities learn a trade.

There are four workshops, each specializing in a creative discipline - pottery, textiles, handcrafts, and graphic arts - in addition to a greenhouse. The skills taught in the five main buildings focus more on artistic skills than commercial training, however. De Lapuerta laid out each of the workshop buildings so it would adapt easily to changes in the program. All have nearly identical spaces and configurations, and each building features a gallery area that showcases the work produced inside. Training, administrative, support, and storage facilities are located onsite, placed in the five-meter spaces between each of the main structures. A main meeting hall sits at the center of the area.

Zamora Multipurpose Business Center
Zamora Multipurpose Business Center

The modern, almost stark look of the complex and its surroundings required careful attention to the buildings management of solar heat gain. The architects specified reflective metal façades and exterior sun louvers by Hunter Douglas to help shade the concrete. The 200F perforated panel system which allows controlled amount of sunlight coming into the interior of the building and at the same time preserves view to the outside.The 200F cladding system with plain panels in vertical position over massive walls in a silver color in combination with the matching color framing in the perimeter with the QuadroClad offers a unique uniform clean appearance. In the west side elevation of the one building, the Aerofoil 200AF with fixed fin position in matching anodized natural finish was installed as a sun protection system where offices are located. In addition, all except the greenhouse were placed so that direct east-west sunlight would not enter the buildings.

The combination of various Hunter Douglas products on all the façades enhances the overall appearance of this complex. An elegant box type building with sharp corners and a modern metallic look as the architectural concept and desire was achieved with success. The buildings stand apart from the largely rural setting and evoke a negative reflection of the huge, translucent greenhouses that stand in front of the site. However, the Multipurpose Business Center positive role in the community is likely to be their most enduring legacy.

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