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Hunter Douglas’ cutting-edge equipment, sophisticated techniques, as well as powerful R&D strength and rich industrial experience enable the company to go beyond imaginations and make continuous breakthroughs, making it possible for the company to provide diversified custom-made products and intensive processing services of metal to clients, including Custom-made Single-skin Panel, Curved Panel, Metal Mesh and more which fully meet the diversified and individualized needs of consumers.

Custom-made Single-skin Panel
Custom-made Single-skin Panel is a special-shaped ceiling product produced by the sophisticated machines of Hunter Douglas, which goes through the processes of blanking, leveling, grooving, perforating, welding, polishing, coating and more. Products include trapezoidal panel and polygonal panel, etc. The Custom-made Panel is an important supplementary of Hunter Douglas ceiling products, which greatly improve the characteristics and expressions of the whole design.

Curved Panel 
Curved Panel offers an ideal way to create curved and multi-level spaces. The panel of up to 6 meters allows you to freely define the dimension of your space. Thanks to its features of outstanding acoustical performance, and the wide range of color, surface finish and curvature options, curved ceiling is becoming the trend of the future. While helping realize various design shapes, Hunter Douglas curved ceiling still preserves the original merits of metal ceilings.
 Concave, convex and undulating forms
 Flat panel and perforated acoustical panel available
 Minimum radius of 1,000mm
 Length of up to 6,000mm

Metal Mesh
Metal Mesh is a unique open style ceiling solution. Different mesh sizes and shapes are produced via stretching the special metal materials. Transparent, crisp and trendy design effect is created as the meshes diffuse light and cause color changes. 
 Steel mesh and honeycomb mesh available
 A wide range of mesh sizes, colors and patterns
 Lay-in, Clip-in and C-grid installation systems
 Strong material that can be shaped as you desire