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Hunter Douglas QuadroClad (QC) honeycomb panel originates from the aviation industry. As a façade system, the product features outstanding durability, large size and superior flatness. QC honeycomb panel can be flexibly processed, with a wide range of surface finish options. In addition to aluminum, other materials like copper, zinc and stainless steel are also available upon request.

 Maximum standard dimension of 1500mm×6000mm, ultra long panels available upon request
 Super flat panel
 Aluminum honeycomb composite panel technology
 Diversified panel materials available: aluminum, copper, zinc and stainless steel, etc.
 Integral installation and supporting structure
 Ease of installation and replacement of individual panels
 Diversified panel shapes
 Various joints: Silicon Joint, Metal Cover Joint and Open Joint, etc.
 Integrated solutions with windows, door systems and exterior sun-control systems
 Widely applicable on façades, columns, cornice and roof
 Outstanding quality and durability
 Maintenance free, low use cost
 Recognized fire resistant and anti wind performances

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  • Items Specs and Parameters
    Face Panel Material: High-grade Al-Mn-Mg alloy
    Thickness: 0.7mm or 1.0mm (other thicknesses available)
    Back Panel Material: High-grade Al-Mn-Mg alloy
    Thickness: 0.7mm or 1.0mm (other thicknesses available)
    Core Material: High-grade anti-corrosion aluminum corrugation or honeycomb core
    Thickness: 0.075mm
    Aperture: 12mm or 19mm
    Sealant Two-component high-temperature curing PU glue
    Surface Coating Luxacote, PVDF and Polyester (other coatings available upon request)
    Panel Specs Length: ≤6000mm (other lengths available upon request)
    Width: ≤1500mm (other widths available upon request)
    Height: 12mm or 25mm
    Weight Approx. 5.00~7.5kg/m2
    Color A wide range of colors in accordance with Hunter Douglas’ quality criteria
    FR Standard A2-s2,d0(GB8624-2006)