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Hunter Douglas Tile Ceiling system is mainly made up of high-grade aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. The tiles evolve through a series of Hunter Douglas’ proprietary leveling and mould forming process, thus they feature high precision, superb flatness and durability. The regularly shaped products seamlessly blend modern style and functionality, offering an orderly, concise, monolithic yet diversified look and a variety of options on specifications, installation systems and perforations.

 Tile width from 300mm to 600mm and length from 300mm to 1,500mm
  More than 20 varieties of standard panels available
  Featuring right angle and chamfer edges and diversified installation systems
  Clip-in, Hook-in and Lay-in installation systems
  Flat panel and perforated acoustical panel available
  Substrate available in aluminum alloy and galvanized steel

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  • Specifications

    Items Standard Specifications and Parameters
    Substrate High-grade pre-coated aluminum alloy (galvanized steel available)
    Specifications Width: 300mm~900mm
    Length: 300~1,500mm
    Thickness: 0.7mm~1.0mm (aluminum alloy)
    Thickness: 0.4mm~0.6mm (galvanized steel)
    Surface Coating Polyester coating (others available upon request)
    Colors A wide range of colors in accordance with Hunter Douglas’ quality criteria
    FR Standard A2 GB8624-2006