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Composite Wide Panel is a product specially developed for the design of ultra large areas. Composite panel adopts the adhesion technology of modern aerial materials. While possessing the features of large size, ultra flatness, lightweight and high strength, this super large panel of Hunter Douglas also comes with a smooth appearance and multiple surface finishes. Composite Wide Panel, Honeycomb Panel and Antibacterial Insulation Panel are the three varieties of Hunter Douglas Composite Panel.

Composite Wide Panel
 Panel width of up to 1,500mm and length of up to 6,000mm
 Hook-on, Lay-in and Clip-in installations
 Flat panel and perforated acoustical panel available
 Optional corrugation or honeycomb core
 Curved panel available

Honeycomb Panel
 Panel width of up to 1,500mm and length of up to 6,000mm
 Preset profiles enhance the rigidity and strength of panels
 Special sliding attachment convenient for onsite installation and adjustment

Antibacterial Insulation Panel
 Processed with special coating and non-woven fabric to achieve long-lasting antibacterial performance; class 1 antibacterial and class 0 anti mildew
 Efficient mineral wool core and bridge-cut-off profile effectively insulate heat; heat transfer coefficient K<0.7
 Mineral wool core, sound-absorbing paper and perforations of panels achieve an NRC>0.8


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    Items Specifications and Parameters
    Surface Panel Material: High-grade al-mg-mn Alloy
    Thickness: 0.7mm~1.2mm (other thicknesses available)
    Back Panel Material: High-grade al-mg-mn Alloy
    Thickness: 0.5mm~1.2mm ( other thicknesses available)
    Core High-grade anticorrosion aluminum corrugation or honeycomb
    Sealant High-temperature curing two-component polyurethane adhesive
    Panel Specs Width: 300mm~1,400mm (other widths available upon request)
    Height: 30mm/40mm
    Length: 900mm~4,000mm (other lengths available upon request)
    Weight 4.7~5.1kg/m2
    Surface Coating Polyester coating (others available upon request)
    Colors A wide range of colors in accordance with Hunter Douglas’ quality criteria
    FR Standard A2 GB8624-2006