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Luxalon® Linear Ceiling system which was developed in 1960s is a big family in Hunter Douglas Architectural Products. The system highlights versatility, allowing a variety of panel specifications and installation options. The Linear ceiling employs smooth, clean lines that stretch out overhead to create a staggered, multilayered look that offers interesting possibilities for directional room design and space modernization. The wide range of product collections allows designers to freely use their imagination to the fullest and lavish the design with colorful expressions. With diversified shapes, colors, dimensions as well as unlimited combinations of them, linear ceiling helps architects create unique visual effect in different architectural spaces.

 Panel width from 30mm to 225mm
 Panel standard length of up to 6,000mm, ultra long size available upon request
 Curved, beveled, vertical or spliced edges
 Panel can be perforated or curved
 Dozens of carrier systems to go with design requirements
 Open and close joints available
 A decoration strip is provided to seal the open joints