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Xi’an Metro Line 2

  • Location:


  • Sector:

    Metro Line 

  • Designer:

    China Railway First Survey and Design Institute

  • Year:

    2011 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:


  • Product:

    Wide Panel  Grid 

Running through the south-to-north axis of Xi’an ancient city, Xi’an Metro Line 2 stretches over 26.4 km and measures 20 stations in total. The stations of this line use various ceiling products from Hunter Douglas, including Luxalon® U-shaped Deep Box and custom-made ceilings of different colors that are installed scientifically and fully express the style of the historical buildings. The ceiling solution stresses entirety and unity and weakens the decorative zones between columns. The arrangement of ceilings in the stations perfectly shows the science in Hunter Douglas products, as the openness of ceilings exceeds 50%, with vents placed above ceilings and loudspeakers and smoke sensors attached to ceilings. In the meantime, the design scheme also embodies the “sunk panel” design concept to exhibit the culture and customs of the ancient city. The application of modern materials results in a striking contrast between classics and modernity, so the complementary effect between the underground project and the aboveground historical architecture is brought into play. As a result, the passengers are bestowed with the amazing experience of going through history and feeling the future.