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Henan No. 1 Gate of Zhongzhou

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    Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhengzhou

  • Year:

    2011 year

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The “No. 1 Gate of Zhongzhou”, a tollgate located at the intersection of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Highway and Jinggang’ao Highway, guards the gate of central China to the outside world. The extension project expanded the original road with four-in/eight-out lanes, which allow for double-booth multi-point toll collection, thus remarkably reducing drivers’ time and improving passing-through ability by 70 percent. The main structure of the tollgate measures 19.6m high with a maximum span of 69.6m. Adopting a pre-stress truss structure enwrapped with sky blue perforated single-skin aluminum panel, the gate is designed with a lifespan of 50 years and can withstand wind force of scale 10. According to the design scheme, the awning of the whole tollgate shall express the effect of largeness, while the aluminum panels shall be rigid and strong enough to ensure ultra flatness. In addition, the installation of aluminum façade panels shall also consider the different sedimentations of new and old roadbeds, and the challenges caused by the large-span steel structure. The design combines 25mm cover strip joint system and 100mm open joint system to fully meet the requirements of the owner.