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Nanjing South Railway Station

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  • Designer:

    China Railway Siyuan Survey & Design Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

  • Year:

    2011 year

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  • Application:

    Facades Cornice 

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The newly built Nanjing South Railway Station of Jinghu High-speed Rail covers a land area of about 1,000mu and a floor space of 400,000sqm. As the largest high-speed rail hub in the Yangtze River Delta, the station adopted a suspended overhead design, of which the platform is about 13m off the ground. The façade design and building design scheme extracted and integrated the regional characteristics and urban features of Nanjing as an “ancient cultural capital”. The whole station uses 37,000sqm of architectural products from Hunter Douglas. At the cornice on both the southern and the northern entrances, Golden QC25 Honeycomb Panels are used, of which, the max size reaches 8m*2.15m. Working with the tall columns, the ultra large and flat cornice creates a strong visual impact, which emphasizes the stateliness of the station building. In addition, the traditional auspicious pattern in brass ornamental engraving further reflects the profound cultural background and forms a distinctive and influential innovative building image.