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Guangzhou Leatop Plaza

  • Location:


  • Sector:

    Real Estate 

  • Designer:

    Murphy/Jahn Architects, Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT

  • Year:

    2012 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:

    Ceiling Column 

  • Product:

    Wide Panel  Custom-Made 

Enjoying a splendorous view of the city, Leatop Plaza sits right beside the central axis of the city at the northern entrance of Zhujiang New Town CBD in Guangzhou. This 303-meter tall, 65-story super office building is all clad with glass, which represents a simple, transparent and linear style. The floor, the wall and the ceiling in Leatop Plaza all use the 1430×1430 modulus system, forming a conversation among the three parties and creating sophisticated aesthetics that combine both technology and art. The equipment belt, air vent and lighting belt are integrated into one in the ceiling space. Innovatively, the 1210×1210 ultra large Luxalon® Corrugated Wide Panel Ceiling with perforations are used, which amounts to more than 100,000sqm. This product owns the merits of both the composite panel and single-skin panel, meaning it is both thin and lightweight and can maintain excellent flatness for the 1210×1210 large panel; The perforations of the face panel and the sound-absorbing paper in the hollow offer a remarkable noise reduction effect for the roomy space in the open office. The ceilings that are close to the glass curtain wall are turned upwards with sleek and natural lines, so as to maximize natural lighting for the interior. The free expansive space, unobstructed views, comfortable and agreeable lighting and integrated intelligent building management system create a pleasing environment for office workers.