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Gree Electric Appliances Inc. (Hefei)

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  • Designer:

    First Design & Research Institute, MI China

  • Year:

    2011 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:


  • Product:

    Sandwich Wall 

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. (Hefei) sits in Baiyan Technological Park of Hefei High-tech Development Zone. It is the largest air conditioner production base in central China. The design of its buildings pays attention to both aesthetics and functionality, and the Hunter Douglas Sandwich Wall used on the southern and eastern façades of the factory building features a round appearance and metallic gloss, so it corresponds well with the quality products of Gree. The as-thick-as 50mm Sandwich Wall panels boast outstanding safety and energy efficient performance. The high-density mineral wool in the middle characterizes low thermal conductivity, which not only preserves heat, but also meets the factory’s standard of fire control.