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T2 Terminal Building at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport

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  • Designer:

    China Southwest Architectural Design & Research Institute

  • Year:

    2012 year

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  • Product:

    Linear  Grid  Custom-Made 

Bamboo, a distinctive feature of Sichuan Province, is the thematic element in the design of T2 Terminal Building at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. It not only reflects the distinctive local features and profound cultural background of the province, but also embodies the good wishes for perseverance and growth. The central processing hall and the corridors are built with repeating bamboo-leaf-like units. The unique combination of Luxalon® 150 Linear Panel Ceiling and the glass roof shows the special bamboo charm of the Bashu Region, while the corridor part features the 2.0mm Single-skin Aluminum Panel and 20mm*100mm U-baffle Ceilings in a concise and crisp style. Also worth mentioning is that at both sides and the entrance of the central processing hall, the spot connecting glass curtain wall is used, so passengers can have a free view of airplanes taking off and landing. When lights are turned on in the evening, dazzling light will penetrate through the glass curtain wall, making the central hall a brilliant gem, which is then the focus of the whole structure.