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New Terminal Building of Ordos Airport

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    China Architecture Design & Research Group, Zhongxu Planning & Architecture Design Co., Ltd., B+H Architects

  • Year:

    2012 year

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    Metal Ceilings  Linear  Wide Panel  Custom-Made 

The extension project of Ordos Airport took place at Ejin Horo Banner of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The strong local characteristics and the time-honored history of the minority people here are fully reflected in the design of the new terminal building. Beautifully shaped, this new terminal building resembles a flying eagle hovering over the vast grasslands of Ordos. The large-span truss and grid structure of the building imposes the greatest design and construction challenges of all the airport terminal buildings in China. The Hall of Departure, which stands like a huge Mongolian yurt, is made of a column-less space that measures 108-meters in diameter and 32 meters tall. The two building wings zigzag out from the Hall of Departure, creating a unique Waiting Hall. The Luxalon® Wood Grain Double-curved Ceiling forms a great highlight of the project, but also created great difficulties in construction and design. The ingenious combination of Luxalon® Linear Panel and butterfly-shaped clamps satisfactorily solved the connecting problems between the ceiling and the complicated roof structure. When depicting a natural and fluent double-curved space for the building, the wood grain ceiling design also creates a warm atmosphere for the passengers.