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Editorial Center of Beijing Daily Group

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  • Designer:

    China IPPR International Engineering Corporation

  • Year:

    2012 year

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  • Product:

    Metal Ceilings  Techstyle Ceilings  Wide Panel 

The Editorial Center of Beijing Daily Group is the most advanced newspaper editorial and retrieval platform in China. The main body of the building employs a concise design concept. In areas like the lobby, column-less spaces are created to adapt to the flexible and fast-paced work of news agencies. Inside the building, white honeycomb interior wall panels from Hunter Douglas are used in public areas. Combined with the newly developed HIW system, these panels not only feature easy maintenance and durability, but also help to highlight the spaciousness and tidiness of the whole space. In important office areas, Techstyle® Acoustical Ceilings are used to reduce noise pollution, thus meeting the requirements of the news industry.