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Phase 2 of Tianjin Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center

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  • Designer:

    2nd Bureau of Tianjin Architecture Design Institute

  • Year:

    2012 year

  • Quantity:


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  • Product:

    Metal Facades  QuadroClad 

With a total floor area of 282,312 square meters, the Phase 2 project of Tianjin Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center is three times as big as Phase 1. The structure, which represents a modern and simple style, resembles a swallow that is stretching its wings as it takes to the sky. The Luxalon® Sandwich Wall panels work with the dry-hang stones to create a rich façade design that interplays with the surrounding buildings through combination and the traversing of blocks. The vertical and horizontal joints of the C-shaped façade panels are set at 3mm and 15mm respectively. An on-site retreatment is applied after the product is processed and grooved in the plant, making it the first façade project of Hunter Douglas to use such retreatment. While guaranteeing product quality during transportation, Hunter Douglas also optimized product precision and reduced loss, thus obtain high praise from the client.