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Capital International Airport Terminal 3

  • Location:


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  • Designer:

    Norman Foster

  • Year:

    2007 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:

  • Product:

    Linear  Grid  QuadroClad 

T3, designed by the renowned British architect Norman Foster, currently stands as the largest singular building in the world with the total building area of 986,000sqm. The building, said to evoke the scales of a red dragon, has been given another name- the country gateway to all of China by way of the capital city. The ceiling is a blend of the ceiling carrier and roof steel structure, intertwined with three main color tones- red, white and yellow. The colors merge into one another, beginning with the red palette and ending with the yellow palette, with a total of 16 different transitional colors falling in between. The concept behind the multi-colored effect was to reflect and echo the uniquely colorful geographical features of imperial China. As the roof steel structure with imposing full-bodied colors could produce a negative effect on passengers emotions, which is out of line with the designed functionality of the airport. So the designer decided to avoid this risk and soften the effect by adopting an open form design for the ceiling, and created the ceiling with 50% openness to provide balance to the bold use of color. The ceiling used the off-white 150 linear panels which lend a touch of staid comfort to the flowery but dignified context. To some degree, the ceiling becomes a kind of compass, when you feel confused or disoriented, just look up and ceiling will point you in the right direction.