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Moorilla Estate

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    Craig Rosevear; Jacob Allom Wade Pty Ltd.

  • Year:

    2006 year

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Now Moorilla Estate, Tasmania‘s oldest vineyard has been transformed into a five-star winery destination. Amidst the changes, the winery gained a new restaurant, museum, and guest facilities, all designed to complement the vast beauty of the natural surroundings. Located beside the wine-making areas, the new addition offers captivating views of the nearby Derwent River. Along with the views, however, its floor-to-ceiling glass also exposes the interiors to heat and glare from the sun. A system of Hunter Douglas sun louvers provided an effective solution. Durable and suitable for the tough Australian climate, the louvers intercept sunlight in the heat of the day before it strikes the window glass. This dramatically reduces heat gain inside and eliminates unwanted glare to keep guests comfortable during daytime events. By floating the louvers so they project above the glazing surface, the system functions without obstructing exterior views. In addition, the louvers help establish the contemporary design sought by both architect and client. Their clear, anodized finish and elliptical shape make a distinctive and streamlined addition to the project.