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Shenzhen Cloudland Villa

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  • Year:

    2007 year

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    Linear  Custom-Made 

Located on the east coastline of Shenzhen, the villa occupies prime real estate offering beautiful views along the sea shore. The lead designer came from the U.S. and employed many abnormal elements in design giving the villa a difference that presents a unique image and intertwines character and distinctiveness. The designer took the moist climate of the sea shore into consideration and made a deliberate decision to choose Luxalon® metal ceiling, which has excellent moisture and corrosion resistance. The ceiling of exterior swimming pool curved balcony features Linear 200F sheathed in the Luxacote® finish and its beams and edges Single Skin Panel in PVDF finish; the bathroom ceiling features a product mix, including Linear 80B, recessed joint in mirror finish, Single Skin Panel and more.