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Stadium of Chongqing Institute of Technology

  • Location:

    热工   Chongqing

  • Sector:


  • Designer:

    Academician He Jingtang, Architectural Design and Research Institute of SCUOT

  • Year:

    2007 year

  • Quantity:


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Huaxi School of Chongqing Institute of Technology is second to none as an ideal place for students and researchers, as it picturesquely situated near the Huaxi River and a mountain range allowing its residents to enjoy peaceful surroundings. The design team deferred to the local topographical, geological and climate context, and blended the campus master plan with the surrounding ecological environment by incorporating the architectural elements of the hilly region and the rational but simple tectonic form. The stadium with a building area of 11,000sqm is one of the landmarks of the campus. Outside, the concept generated a memorable 'façade' of being made up of 14 trapezoids in different sizes. Since the steel framework for each trapezoid has beveled edges, Hunter Douglas developed a special connector and succeeded in addressing the issue of installation and rotation on the beveled edges. Additionally, the sun control system is designed to assume the responsibility of facades to some degree for lack of curtain walls behind the sun-shielding panels. The rainproof baffles, installed in the cavity behind the fins of Aerofoils 350mm, were especially designed to prevent rainwater from penetrating the installation edges when the fins are closed.