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Beijing Subway Line 10

  • Location:


  • Sector:

    Metro Line 

  • Designer:

    AA Design Office

  • Year:

    2008 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:

  • Product:

    Wide Panel  Grid  Custom-Made 

The Beijing Subway Line 10, including Phase I and II, played an important role in the Olympic Beijing 2008. Running from northwest to southeast of Beijing, the track for Phase I and II is arranged in a reversed "L"shape that has 28 stations and totals 32.9km. Phase I is designed with the concept of "Metro Frontier" to express it being a beautiful slight line in a city and communicate a real sense of modernism in the subway network. Some curved patterns for ceilings in the platform, passageway and concourse in Guomao Station, etc. soft-pedal the undesirable sense of oppression for lack of sufficient space height, lending a motive and flowing quality to the circulation space for the station. The Line 10 features Luxalon® ceiling products at the application area of 38,000sqm, and the Beitu Station, the interchange station with Olympic Lateral Line, is the largest singular station of all, to date.