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Zhoushan Xincheng Stadium

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  • Designer:

    Zhejiang Prov. Institute of Architectural Design And Research

  • Year:

    2008 year

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Incorporated within the Zhoushan Ocean Sports Culture Park, the Zhoushan Xincheng Stadium is the first stadium of Zhoushan – a renowned oceanic culture city. The building is well conceived to evoke a conch resting on the beach, or a revolving wave over the billow, emanating upward enthusiasm and dynamism, and reflecting a vivid counterpoint to the adjacent coastline. Constructed from 17,000sqm of honeycomb panels for the roof and external cornice, the main building stands in total contrast to its ancillary one; the main building is smoothly contoured to be a plain oval, which is gently surrounded by a narrow strip of the ancillary on one side. It could be said to be a punchline that the custom honeycomb louver system at the exterior cornice of the main building shades the entrance outside, in accordance with a system laid out by the architects, adding a touch of refined delicacy.