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Museum of Art and Design

  • Location:

    New York

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  • Designer:

    Allied Works Architecture

  • Year:

    - year

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Allied Works of Portland, Oregon, led by architect Brad Cloepfil, was hired to revamp the building for the Museum of Arts and Design. Cleopfil’s main aim for the building was to make the original solid block less monolithic and more ephemeral. He updated it in a shimmering rainscreen of glazed terra-cotta tiles at 22,000 pieces, measuring a delicate 6 inches wide by 2.5 feet long for each. That new iridescent cloak, produced by NBK Architectural Terracotta, a Hunter Douglas company, transports the mass into the 21st century as much as the glass slit incised up and across the main facade. This time, The New York Times called the $90 million project "a transformation no one would have imagined."