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Youth's Palace Arts Center

  • Location:


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  • Designer:

    Shanxi Litong Decoration Co., Ltd.

  • Year:

    2007 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:

  • Product:

    Wide Panel  Custom-Made 

Located on the east side of the Yifen Bridge, the Youth's Palace Arts Center consists of a plaza, a front foyer, a theatre, a VIP room and office areas, etc. The theater features Luxalon® curved 300C ceiling panel with perforation to improve the internal acoustics while accentuating the spacious sense of the theatre. The front foyer features Luxalon® Wide Panel 600 in white finish, which fits in well with the stone in the same palette with the ceiling to create a bright, roomy entrance. The Youth's Palace Arts Center become a firm favorite with hosting parties of large-scale conferences, performances and programs for its own special décor.