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North Gate Business Center

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    Architect Service, Arch. C. Ciurea

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    - year

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The business center is one of the newest office buildings in the north part of Bucharest. It is the work of a well known important Romanian architect: Constantin Ciurea. The building is an impressive combination of high quality materials and systems. And the canopy stands among the building‘s more noteworthy elements. The two sides of canopy, the rectangular and the flat side meet each other in a complicated enormous geometrical shape. To design and realize such cladding requires a speical features system. The big panel sizes, flexibility of shapes, extreme flatness and the low weight were the main reasons that QuadroClad was the first choice of the architect. Most of the QuadroClad panels have lengths of up to 5,500mm and widths of up to 1,500mm. Also the round edge of the canopy is made of QuadroClad. Its comprehensive superior performance completes the definition of such a demanding design, making it a winning combination for architects.