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Dalian Shell Museum

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    The Design Institute of Civil Engineering & Architecture of DUT

  • Year:

    2009 year

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The concept for the Shell Museum, which is one of the high-end projects for Dalian's key construction, is fittingly aligned with the theme of shells and mixes a multitude of versatile organic forms in its design. The main exhibition building features an overlapping roof, which evokes a seashell lying quietly on the seashore. The concept fully plays with the advantageous geographical site to establish the main exhibition space stretching out in an uphill direction, which allows a view of the beautiful landscape for visitors inside the lounge with the help of wide picture windows. From inside, the glazed wall looks transparent; from outside, the wall reflects the environment so effectively that the building seamlessly glides into blue sky and green sea appearing as a series of "shells". The building has a space area of about 18,000sqm, with four floors above the ground and one floor underground. The museum roof features QuadroClad 25mm with 20mm joint system, which projects the natural flowing curves the Shell Museum needs, creating a signature of strength in Hunter Douglas' customizability of hyperboloid(curved) products.