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Nanjing International Service Outsourcing Industrial Park

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    Zhuhai Singyes Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Year:

    2009 year

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The Nanjing International Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, bordering on Yangzi River and occupying a land area of 116 hectares, is intended to be a low-carbon eco-tech industrial park with the focus on the 3Ls (low energy, low impact, low emission). The park is designed to be a multi-purpose building complex, housing six functional areas - ITO area, BPO area, KPO area, SOHO area, R&D facilities, and associated dormitory area. Viewed from above, two service outsourcing buildings take on an L shape and are situated in the northeast spot of the industrial park. The facades feature a combination of QudroClad by Hunter Douglas and glazed curtain wall. The outward facades are sheathed in the gleaming silver finish and the inward facades in the champagne finish both created with Hunter Douglas QuadroClad facade panels. The entire building communicates a modern sense of industrial architecture but blends a quality of human solicitude and environmental protection in a harmonious fashion to be reflective of the green ecological industrial characterized by the Park.