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Shezhen Huawei R&D Center

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  • Sector:


  • Designer:

    Hunter Douglas Architectural Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  • Year:

    2009 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:

  • Product:

    Wide Panel 

The 3-storey F2 Canteen of the Shenzhen Huawei R&D Center is the dining place for ten hundreds of staff and guests, with the total building area of about 15,000sqm. The fiberglass ceiling began to deform, dirty, and even shed due to the moist kitchen environment. For this, Huawei decided to give a facelift to the ceiling, and finalized Luxalon® Wide Panel and Tile Ceiling systems by Hunter Douglas after rounds of bidding and selection. The perforated Wide Panel 500mm widely used in the canteen lends a good quality of smoothness, creating a bright look and tidy image out there. On top of that, the acoustical treatment (perforation) optimizes the sound properties.