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Huizhou Conference & Exhibition Center

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    CSCEC International (Shenzhen) Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • Year:

    2009 year

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Standing opposite the Dongjiang River, the Huizhou Conference & Exhibition Center is situated at the core of Huizhou. The total investment for the building nears RMB800 million, and the space area covers 62,968 sqm. The building's design concept resembles an "Undulating Sea of Clouds", with the roof molding used to evoke graceful waves of clouds floating across the sky above the Dongjiang River and reflect the rich cultural and innovative qualities of the city of Huizhou. The building's cornice conjures up images of wings preparing for flight, symbolizing Huizhou's soaring economic gains. The exhibition center's curved roof is a single-layer multi-shell structure constructed from QuadroClad panels by Hunter Douglas. Technicians, designers, and investors collaborated to construct the roof from flat panels to create a sleek and sophisticated contour. The entire roof utilizes the open-joint installation system with four diamond-shaped tiles fusing to become a single, larger diamond, creating the continuous wave concept that completes the roof.