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Shanghai World Expo Culture Center

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    East China Architectural Design and Research Institute

  • Year:

    2010 year

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The Culture Center is one of four permanent pavilions for Expo 2010 lined up on the same axis, occupies a land area of over 67,000sqm. Viewed from above, its sleek contour evokes a flying saucer, which is constructed from nearly 30,000 pieces of triangular QC20 honeycomb panels that differ in size and shape, hitting a total application area of 50,000sqm, which is the equivalent of 12 standard football pitches. The building is comprised of two parts, underground and above the ground. Above the ground are a multi-purpose theater with a seating capacity of 18,000 and a six-story building around the main body. The building underground has two floors, the first of which is connected to the Expo Boulevard through the passageway, the second of which to the south directly leads to the entry of Metro Line 8. The center is so amazingly impressive that in the daytime if appears as a shuttle-shaped time machine out of the future, laden with a sense of futuristic modernity, and at night it is transformed into a world of fantasy intertwined with light and shadow, breathing its flair like a "floating city". Its functional role is defined as a new landmark of Shanghai culture and recreation as well as becoming a grand city arena where the curtain never falls.