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SEPTWOLVES Cigarette Prime Workshop Renovation Project

  • Location:

    声学   Longyan

  • Sector:


  • Designer:

    CNGC Wuzhou Engineering Design And Research Institute

  • Year:

    2010 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:

  • Product:

    Wide Panel  Grid  QuadroClad 

The newly-renovated SEPTWOLVES Cigarette prime workshop of the Longyan Tobacco Plant features a wide spectrum of ceiling products by Hunter Douglas, ranging from Luxalon® Linear, Wide Panel, Tile, U-shaped Deep Box to XL Panel, giving rise to the concise décor in the workshop and highlighting its outstanding quality. The U-shaped Screen is finalized to use the champagne palette after careful selection to alleviate visually the rigid sense of the modern industry space, and to add an accessible and natural dimension to the appearance.