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Extensions of Shanghai Metro Line 2

  • Location:


  • Sector:

    Metro Line 

  • Designer:

    Fine Arts College of Shanghai University

  • Year:

    2010 year

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With a total length of about 60km, Shanghai Metro Line 2 runs through Shanghai and links both banks of the Huangpu River. The east extension of the line reaches the east end of Shanghai and connects with Shanghai Pudong International Airport which borders East China Sea, while the west extension connects with Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao High-speed Rail Station. Therefore, it is made much faster to shuttle between these two international airports. The east/west extensions inherit the green color hues of Metro Line 2. In addition to the application of the Open Deep Box and Screen Ceiling systems, large pieces of curved panels are added to emphasize the decorative characteristics, which bestow the new stations with distinctive features while keeping them in harmony with the previous ones.