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King of Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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    2008 year

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    Interior Wall Facades 

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Situated on the eastern shore of the Red Sea at Thuwal, the KAUST project is the largest in the world that is cladded in Terracotta, with 70,000sqm of terracotta facing and 170km of baguettes used. There are also special elements for connecting details such as widows sills, soffit cladding or lintels, which means a total of 22 different shapes and customized profile sections were ultimately required. The terracotta tiles which are ventilated at the rear use the rainscreen principle and therefore provide major benefits in the thermal performance of the building. The façade also draws vitality from its coloring: although it uses two grey tones, these contain a variety of grey nuances due to the firing processes at different temperature levels. This results in a harmonious but highly expressive play of color.