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Concert Hall at Xiamen Strait Conference Center

  • Location:

    声学   Xiamen

  • Sector:


  • Designer:

    Nihon Sekkei, Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research

  • Year:

    2009 year

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Xiamen Strait Conference Center lies in the eastern part of Xiamen Island and faces the Jinmen Islands across the sea with impressive ocean views. Taking “sea, breeze, wave, sunshine, and air” as its design elements, the contour of the building integrates seamlessly with the wavy green belt along the island’s Ring Road. Through use of curves and meticulous detailing, the designers created a sensational structure that showcases the features of Xiamen. Among all the details, the concert hall, half of whose oval façade is hidden in water, adds a finishing touch to the whole building. The application of the QC25A Honeycomb Façade Panel from Hunter Douglas creates a round and graceful appearance.