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The GEN Building

  • Location:


  • Sector:

    Real Estate 

  • Designer:

    Felipe Assadi F.

  • Year:

    - year

  • Application:

    Facades Cornice Top 

  • Product:


Located in downtown Santiago, the GEN Building is a comprehensive economic residential complex that was built by using the municipal reconstruction subsidy. The 26-story building houses 285 apartments, a public ground floor, recreational terraces, four-story underground parking area, three swimming pools and private indoor squares. Considering the factors of energy saving and renewable materials, for both the facades and for the terraces, Hunter Douglas Stripweave sun control products were installed. The simple structure of the materials and the creative process make the overall effect distinctive but without any redundancy. The sun control and transparency of the product furthermore collaborated with the design idea, achieving comfort and a positive environmental impact.