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BOC Building

  • Location:


  • Sector:


  • Designer:

    Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration

  • Year:

    2010 year

  • Quantity:


  • Application:


  • Product:

    Techstyle Ceilings  Wide Panel  Grid 

Bank of Communications Building sits in the center of Beijing Financial Street, with 4 stories underground, 20 above the ground and total floor area reaching 99,780sqm. On the ceiling made of large metal elements, lighting fixtures are arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally and randomly, making the originally dull space full of well-balanced variances. Among all the ceiling products, the lobbies and the lift halls employ the 12mm Honeycomb Panels of natural travertine pattern, whose soft color tone and well-distributed texture resemble the pattern of the walls and perfectly expresses the creative ideas of designers.