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Yantian Comprehensive Gymnasium

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    Guangdong New Haosi Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

  • Year:

    2011 year

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Composed of a main venue and a complementary venue and covering a land area of 27,458.2sqm, Shenzhen Yantian Comprehensive Gymnasium is one of the branch stadiums for Universiade 2011 Shenzhen. The main venue features motorized intelligent Aeroscreen AS350 from Hunter Douglas, while the complementary one features motorized Aeroscreen AS200 from Hunter Douglas. The designers of Hunter Douglas engineered a motorized intelligent sun control system especially for the circularly-designed architecture of the gymnasium. The system can be controlled separately by sections. According to different sunlight angles and intensity, this advanced sun control system opens or closes automatically. At the same time, it blends the multiple functions, like timing control and manual control. The system is also linked to the fire control system. Upon receiving the fire signal, the system will all open, no matter what mode it is in, so as to make it convenient for guaranteeing safety against fire.