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  • Guo Jianxiang, a Design Leader of Transportation Facilities

    Guo Jianxiang, a Design Leader of Transportation Facilities

    While acknowledging the fact that the Chinese architectural industry has undergone the golden age of leapfrog development over the last two or three decades, we also have to give a sigh that many excellent architects are overburdened with too many design tasks. As the Deputy Chief Architect of East China Architectural Design and Research Institute (ECADI), Guo Jianxiang always seems to have too many things on his plate. People have the impression that he speaks fast to discuss designs, drawings and materials with others. Thanks to his assiduity and devotion, Guo has forged his way ahead in his 20-plus-year career and created many “firsts” in the realm of design, which makes him the leading designer of transportation facilities in China.


  • Giant Stones in Forest

    Giant Stones in Forest

    The architectural design of the Library of the University of Vilnius is inspired by the stones on the outskirt of the forest – a remarkable phenomenon of nature, unique in form and composition, an arbitrary arrangement without any obvious order, yet still powerful. NBK worked closely with the design team and developed white ceramic panels in 15 different cross sections, so as to create more possibilities for architectural design.


  • Shao Weiping: Growth Means Constant Transcendence

    Shao Weiping: Growth Means Constant Transcendence

    The moment we met, Shao Weiping started talking about the Z15 Tower (China Zun) enthusiastically. The building, which he is now working on, is a 528-meter-tall super highrise located in the Central Business District of Beijing. With a shape that resembles a traditional Chinese ritual vessel known as “Zun”, the gracefully designed building is a little bit shorter than the Shanghai Tower, but when it comes to design challenges, it is comparable to the latter...


  • PHX Sky Train

    PHX Sky Train

    PHX Sky Train™, a new airport transit system at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, links the light rail to the first of four airport terminals. HOK, the architects of the project, faced the challenge of creating a baffle ceiling that would deliver precision installation, robust performance, full accessibility and a client-specific aesthetic. Collaborations with the architect, the subcontractor T-P Acoustics and Hunter Douglas led to a successful downstream implementation and installation of the new ceilings in what has become the city’s most recent landmark...


  • Wang Xiao’an: Architecture = 10% Creativity + 90% Details

    Wang Xiao’an: Architecture = 10% Creativity + 90% Details

    Architecture is a profession that requires constant accumulation of experience. Be mentally prepared and don’t underestimate any tiny job. The current architectural education excessively inculcates them with the orientation of becoming a star architect. In real projects, the exciting creative parts may account for no more than 10% and the remaining 90% are always painstaking, and even boring or tedious, creating arduous tasks to solve many specific engineering problems. If you’re not fully prepared, you cannot be a professional architect.


  • Cui Kai: Architecture is a Social Responsibility

    Cui Kai: Architecture is a Social Responsibility

    As a leading figure in the Chinese architectural circle, Cui Kai‘s career life is regarded as an example and benchmark for many young architects to learn from. As one of the first beneficiaries of the restoration of the national college entrance examination after the Cultural Revolution, he graduated with a master’s degree and started to work in a design institute in 1984. In 1997 when he was 40, he was promoted to the Chief Architect of China Architecture Design & Research Group.


  • He Jingtang: a Ceaseless Architectural Life

    He Jingtang: a Ceaseless Architectural Life

    Though aged 75 and grey-haired, Academician He Jingtang still has rosy cheeks and a special vitality exemplified by his straightened back and the spring in his step when he walks.


  • The Conception and Bloom of iYard

    The Conception and Bloom of iYard

    After the Solar Decathlon conference was held in China and the satisfactory results were submitted to the organizing committee, the solar house iYard presented by the Beijing Jiaotong University team demonstrated a broad perspective of solar energy applications to the visitors of the event.


  • Light up the Future

    Light up the Future

    From 2 - 12 August 2013, the Solar Decathlon China 2013 (“SD China”) was hosted in Datong City, Shanxi Province, China. The Solar Decathlon is a biennial event that was initiated in 2002. Known as the world’s highest-level new energy and architectural design competition of university students, the event has been successfully held six times.


  • Refined Airport Design

    Refined Airport Design

    Situated 11 kilometers from the eastern suburb of the city of Guiyang, Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (Guiyang Airport for short) is an important air transportation hub in southwest China. The building was constructed in 1997. After undergoing renovations in 2007, the original Terminal 1 boosted an annual passenger throughput of 5 million, but still couldn’t cope with the sharp increase of passenger flow.


  • Ceiling Design for Commercial & Office Buildings

    Ceiling Design for Commercial & Office Buildings

    Along with the rapid development of urban construction, skyscrapers - mainly in the forms of commercial and office buildings - rise one after another, and people grow more and more demanding about the ceiling designs of these buildings, requiring them to meet the needs not only of functionality, but also of aesthetics and comfort. It is very important for designers to create aesthetic, comfortable and functional ceilings in large open spaces.


  • Diversified Customization

    Diversified Customization

    As an emerging architectural product, architectural terracotta has won the favor of all concerned parties over the past decades and has gradually become a mainstream decorative curtain wall material. The unexpected rise of architectural terracotta should be attributed to the fact that the public has developed diversified aesthetic concepts of architecture in recent years…


  • Guotai Arts Center

    Guotai Arts Center

    Chongqing Guotai Arts Center, which is located in the core CBD area of Chongqing in the Liberation Monument Area of Yuzhong District, is composed of two parts: Chongqing Grand Theater and Chongqing Art Museum.


  • Zamora Multipurpose Business Center

    Zamora Multipurpose Business Center

    Known mainly for their agricultural wares, the towns around Zamora, Spain, near the border with Portugal, create superb cheeses and produce, and are known for their Romanesque architecture...


  • The Flying Eagle of Ordos

    The Flying Eagle of Ordos

    The extension project of Ordos Airport took place at Ejin Horo Banner of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. This is a legendary place, and the name Ejin Horo means the tomb of the Holy Master in Mongolian, named after Genghis Khan, whose mausoleum is located there...


  • Urdaimonia House Boat

    Urdaimonia House Boat

    The Urdaimonia Project is a design futures project developed by Sanitov Studio. The project name – Urdaimonia – is a neologism, which brings together the Greek word for the Good Life – Eudaimonia – with the word Urban, the latter connoting atmospheres of city life and city spirit...


  • Deconstruction Building

    Deconstruction Building

    Known as an important center of port, industry, commerce and tourism in North China, Dalian is located at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula...


  • Transoceanica Building

    Transoceanica Building

    In Santiago, Chile, cooling–rather than heating–is the climate control imperative for office buildings. The new headquarters of Empresas Transoceanica, the Transoceanica Building is the first construction in Chile to obtain the LEED GOLD Certification...


  • Design Philosophy of Helmut Jahn

    Design Philosophy of Helmut Jahn

    Our work is based on eh continued belief in constructional, rational, and technological determinants. These factors shape a building’s systems and components along a logical and objective analysis, but architecture as a logical process alone is impossible, we strive to avoid the modernist stigma which Huxtable calls the "ultimate and unforgivable sin – the loss of style"...


  • Crystal Building

    Crystal Building

    Guangzhou Leatop Plaza is one of the latest creations of American architect Helmut Jahn, who is known as the “pioneer of super highrises”. He believes that modern architectural aesthetics characterize the combination of architecture and engineering...


  • Dream of the City

    Dream of the City

    The strategy of “construction along the river & development across the river” is now leading Changsha to an unprecedentedly prosperous future...


  • A New Dynamic Venue for Life

    A New Dynamic Venue for Life

    As a brand new dynamic venue for urban life, the Sanmenxia Cultural & Sports Center fills the gap as a large-scale public facility in Sanmenxia city...


  • Green Industrial Building of Cigarettes

    Green Industrial Building of Cigarettes

    “Chunghwa”, known as No.1 cigarette of China, is manufactured by Shanghai cigarette factory. At the end of 2007, Beijing Wuzhou Engineering Design and Research Institute was invited to innovate the exclusive production line of “Chunghwa” cigarette...


  • Practice of Green Airport

    Practice of Green Airport

    Kunming Changshui International Airport, which will be put into service in June 2012, is the fourth addition to China’s national level air hubs that links China with South and Southeast Asia and Asia with Europe...


  • Burj Khalifa Tower

    Burj Khalifa Tower

    Though Adrian Smith is famous for designing skyscrapers, he has a special affinity for architectural contextualism. However, he doesn’t think of the two interests as contradictory, “High rises should stay in line with its city...


  • Twin Architectural Arts by Yunlong Lake

    Twin Architectural Arts by Yunlong Lake

    The design of Xuzhou Concert Hall and Xuzhou Art Museum bestows architecture with an open and equal posture, offers an opportunity for citizens to participate freely in artistic activities and closely combines art with life, city and people, thus bringing art museum back to everyday city life...


  • Design of Branch Airport

    Design of Branch Airport

    Alongside the significant development of the Chinese economy, branch airports in both eastern and western China have witnessed a climax of construction. Compared with large hub airports, branch airports are mostly small/medium-sized airports...


  • The Light of Diaspora

    The Light of Diaspora

    Manuel Herz is a famous architect based in Basel (Switzerland) and an expert in architectural design and urban planning. He won 2003 German Concrete Award, 2004 Architectural Award and 2011 German Curtain Wall Award...


  • Architectural Craft in the Post-industrial Age

    Architectural Craft in the Post-industrial Age

    Through analyzing two projects that involved his contributions, Maurits van der Staay pointed out that the ‘craft’ of the architect lies not only in his ability to sketch, draw, and design, but also in his understanding of the production processes involved.


  • The Folding Art

    The Folding Art

    Nestlé’s Chocolate Museum is located along the freeway entering Toluca, Mexico. The shapes and spaces contained by this building are stretched to the limit, creating dramatic and expansive architecture. This urban-scale toy invites us on an emotional journey and gives free rein to the exuberant creativity of Michel Rojkind. The paneling used, CD 408 from Hunter Douglas –with a red exterior and white interior– makes the structure an icon in neighboring Toluca.


  • Industrialized Artistry

    Industrialized Artistry

    The CISDI Building is a high standard energy-saving building in Chongqing and the whole country. The interior design scheme first considers continuing the architectural style in interior design and unifying the inside and outside, and at the same time enhancing the modern enterprise culture and identity of CISDI.


  • The Green Landmark of CISDI

    The Green Landmark of CISDI

    Standing in Jinshan Square of Chongqing Economic & Technological Development Zone, CISDI Building is a 96-story all-steel structure.


  • New Outlook of Office

    New Outlook of Office

    The new office building of Shandong Tong Yuan Design Group Co., Ltd. is situated at Shunhua Road in Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering a floor area of more than 10,000sqm from the first to the sixth floors of the No. 11 Building at Shuntai Square...


  • Focuses of a City

    Focuses of a City

    Architecture is one of the focuses for a city's development. Xi'an Administration Center and Shaanxi Nature Museum stand at both ends of Chang'an's lifeline, one in the south and one in the north...


  • City Arena, Urban Stage

    City Arena, Urban Stage

    The Shanghai Expo Arena is one of the core projects of Hunter Douglas's participation in the construction for Expo 2010. During the Expo, it will be a large-scale presentation venue for participating countries.


  • Aurora's Dialogue Between The Moon And The Sun

    Aurora's Dialogue Between The Moon And The Sun

    "Among all the memorable sights in Jiangnan, Hangzhou left the deepest impression on me," so wrote a noted poet. This beautiful city, much acclaimed as a true paradise on earth, is now moving towards the magnificent grandeur of Qiantang River out of the refined elegance of the West Lake.


  • Crown of the East

    Crown of the East

    The China Pavilion is amongst the most essential buildings for the Expo Shanghai 2010. It is the heritage of Chinese traditional culture, and a symbol of China's modern image and aura...


  • China Pavilion in China Red

    China Pavilion in China Red

    The China Pavilion of World Expo Shanghai 2010 is designed with the concept of the "Crown of The East" and contains an undertone of Chinese culture to show its national strength and China’s timeless spirit and expresses the goodwill and prosperity of all Chinese people...


  • Wuxi Suntech PV R&D Center

    Wuxi Suntech PV R&D Center

    Here is the story of the first Zero Energy Building in China, which incorporates BIPV solution, energy-saving radiant-type AC system, intelligent lighting control... and weaves an unusual sunlike dream for the Owner - Wuxi Suntech Power...